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The Friction EP

Release Date: December 23, 2016
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If there is anything that moves forward with respect to everything around, while still in contact with it; but without any external force playing a part, its considered FRICTION. When you think about it, friction is that space of resistance between someone you try and force into conforming, and the context in which you are wanting them to conform to. Questions that surface are usually ones that have always been, however never answered. Do you really understand how much friction actually builds when you choose to follow your own destiny? It’s very necessary when you think about forward motion. If there is no friction, all objects would forever be in motion.

That is what this EP reflects….

This is the EP that most would consider “The calm before the storm.” It’s not often that a recording artist can be personal with their fans and supporters. What better project to give your heart on, than the first.

Music Produced by Trey Willis (BMI), Eidolan Erin (APRA), & Marco Alexander (BMI)
Lyrics & Arranging by Marco Alexander
Live Strings for “Gone” by Elen Wroten and Marco Alexander
Live French Horn for “Gone” by Kyle Hayes
Engineered/Mixed by IMAKEMADBEATS. “Right Beside You” Mix by Kid Maestro

Copyrighted 2016 Marco Alexander. Recorded in Dirty Socks Studios, Memphis TN. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication, Reproduction, and/or Distribution is a violation of applicable laws.