ESSENCE x FORD “My City 4 Ways”

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What’s poppin Vibers!

Essence collaborated with Ford Motors to bring an event entitled “My City 4 Ways“, to Memphis TN. I was honored to have been recognized as a leading music influencer, in the city. This event was rare, as Essence has not done anything in the City of Memphis in quite some time. Even though I did not perform, I was definitely live at the event, with members of my team. If was an amazing experience and definitely something that the city of Memphis needed.

I can honestly say that the steps taken from the car, to the venue in which the event was being held, were unsettling because I did not know what to expect. I have horror stories about attending first time events. However, upon being greeted at the door, I could tell that this was something that was well put together. I must say, getting a chance to meet other influencers in and around Memphis, AND test driving several Ford vehicles made the event what it was. There was nothing but love in the room, from everyone. If “My City 4 Ways” comes to your city, make sure that you attend!


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