Marco Alexander Joins the Nous Sommes d’Ailleurs Family!

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What’s poppin Vibers!

We have begun planning for the year 2018 and I must say that I am amazingly hype about it. For those of you that have been following the Marco Alexander Musik brand, you know that we are known for setting the bar and not reaching for one. Well, for the past month, our team has been searching and narrowing down brands for us to represent and use as sponsors, sort of speak. It has been a huge task, due to us owning our own clothing brand as well; not to mention having an particularly unique style in general. Nevertheless, we were able to narrow these down and choose our first brand that we will partner with.


I’m extremely excited and proud to announce that I am now a sponsored recording artist ambassador for a new clothing brand entitled “Nous Sommes d’Ailleurs”. Their first collection is entitled “For The Few”. The title alone drew my team in, when it came to narrowing the brands down. When you think about representing a brand, it’s important to be sure that the styles are similar and “The Why Factor” is something that you can get behind. When I thought about what “For The Few” meant to me, it stood for culture and diversity. Where I come from, where I’ve been, and the process of getting to where I am, automatically came to mind. Growing up in a context that most artists view as unorthodox, is an example. The title just represents so many aspects of color, life, and beliefs.


This collection is about celebrating differences and I am proud to join in that effort. Shoutout to the designer and owner, Val Ambert for scouting me out and trusting me to represent the amazing aesthetic of this brand. There is so much more that will come from this. But for now, go and support the overseas family, and be on the lookout for thier involvement in my journey!


Photography: Trevelyan Easter of Kinetics Media Group

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