Marco Alexander Launches New Clothing Apparel Brand “SOUND KULTURE”!!!

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What’s poppin Vibers!

Man, it is THAT TIME! For about two years, I have been producing clothing lines and bringing traditional culture into modern day fashion. Though music is what I am all about, you can’t talk about entertainment, culture and music, without style playing a part. So, instead of always being told what to wear, or following trends, what do you do? You start your OWN clothing brand.


Starting my artist career off as a cultural instrumentalist and African dancer, along with being a classically trained double bassist, I found cultural diversity to be huge influence on EVERY aspect of the entertainment industry. The industry thrives on “What’s hot” in the culture. If a guy ran down the street in a hot dog costume, and it made the news, I can guarantee that you will see that same hot dog costume in someones movie or music video!

When I first started creating my style, it was based on traditional African costuming that I would rock from various African Dance companies around the world. I used to take what most would call a “loin cloth” and wear it over a pair of dope joggers… JUST BECAUSE I COULD! On another note, I would wear drop crotch Ankara pants (I’ve worn these since childhood) and move like nothing was abnormal; because in my head, it never is. After receiving a lot of different looks from people, I was eventually seen as the musician that had a style of his own; somewhat of a weird trendsetter. Yet, my style wasn’t a trend yet. When I started performing more, I noticed that my style became a lot more edgy on a cultural level. I did not like having to hire stylist every time I would perform. So, eventually I started creating my own stage wear. This all came from cultural photography and being surrounded by that culture all of my life.



Sound Kulture” is a brand that fuses cultural apparel with ready to wear and made to wear street fashion. We chose the brand title of “Sound Kulture”, due to the entertainment industry basing its sound and look on what the culture says is acceptable. Think about it, how many songs and videos have you seen with African influences in the style? This is the lane that we have chosen to drive down. From hats covered in cowry shells, to drop crocth jogger overalls made from mudcloth in Mali, West Africa; we will strive for the acceptance of diversity and individuality on the stage, AND the runway.


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