Marco Alexander X The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art “Moss Society Dinner”

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What’s poppin Vibers!

Yesterday, was another new, yet extremely dope milestone for the kid. A few months back, I was contacted regarding a performance for the “Moss Society Dinner” at the Brooks Museum of Art. This dinner was for the top donors of the museum. Collectively, you can imagine how much money was sitting that room listening to yours truly, sing and entertain them. Yes, you got it right, your man was extremely nervous.

This performance was one that truly tested my artistry. Earlier the day before, I had landed in the city and immediately had to go into rehearsals for a musical run, that I was playing bass for. This also meant that I would not have time to rehearse with my orchestra for the Brooks Museum performance. Not having a rehearsal with new musicians, means trusting them to practice on their own and praying that you are not surprised at the sound check.

Shortly after arriving at the museum for the sound check, I noticed that there were sound issues throughout the lobby, where we were performing. What we heard, was completely different than what the audience would hear under the main rotunda. There were so many frustrating times where we would be told that we were too loud, and to play more of a “cocktail hour” volume. If you know my music, then you understand how frustrated this made me and my sound engineer; as we are nowhere CLOSE to soft artists.


After getting changed for the dinner, I was scheduled to attend a session with former NBA Player/Art Collector, Elliot Perry. This meant just hoping for the best in the performance when it came to everything coming together. After dinner, I went to get changed and before I got up, I realized that I was sitting next to the owner of Malco Theater Inc., Stephen Lightman and his wife. This added more pressure because that meant that almost everyone in this audience, owned some part of Memphis that I used as a consumer at some part in my life. Was I intimidated, no. I wanted to have a great performance because if these individuals would leave talking about Marco Alexander, this was sure to boost my career on an executive level. I am a somewhat urban artist, but I love the idea of reaching all of mankind to some degree.


In the end, the performance started off slow. As you can guess, you place a younger African American male in front of a room full of executives, there will be stiffness. However, by the second song, the entire room was locked in and I was able to give one of the best performances that I think I’ve given, with my orchestra. When I’m with my band, it’s easier to demand attention. But, when you are with all acoustic string instruments that can be drowned out simply by talking loudly, it’s harder to demand attention.



Great Night, Impressive Performance, and even Greater Networking!

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