Photoshoot w/ THE Kristina Byrd of “Only Photography”

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What’s up Vibers!

As many of you know, three years ago, I accepted the position of full time Principal Double Bassist for The Jackson Symphony Orchestra. For the past three years, I’ve been doing a lot of press and interviews regarding me being the first African American Principal Double Bassist in the region.


As a section member (before receiving the position of principal), I noticed a photo of myself on the cover of V.I.P. Magazine. Immediately, I was wondering where the shot came from and who the photographer was. That same season, I was introduced to the AMAZING talent of Kristina Byrd! She was a designer for that magazine at the time. However, she was the photographer for the Symphony now.

Throughout the years, I would study her event photography (angles, flash usage, story telling, atmosphere, etc.). Because there is so much press and marketing work required to run a successful music organization, I’ve gotten to work with her a few times. Recently however, we set a date for a shoot.

After several attempts, I had began to think it wasn’t going to happen because our schedules just weren’t lining up. On top of that, the morning of the shoot, I woke up sick (spring allergies). But, I was NOT about to miss this shoot, at all. I’m glad I didn’t because this was one of the most fun and comfortable shoots I’ve ever done. Kristina has definitely been added to my list of favorite photographers.

Check her out online:


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