“The Decibel Lounge” feat. Marco Alexander in Memphis TN

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What’s Up Vibers!

Last night, I got a chance to leave the tour! This particular performance was for The Collective’s “Decibel Lounge, and I was the feature for the night. When you think about a tracked show (NO LIVE INSTRUMENTATION), most people immediately get turned off. However, I can easily say that this was one of the most emotional and amazing tracked show that I have ever done. The venue was in Memphis TN, by the name of The Dizzy Bird Music Hall, previously known as the Hattiloo Theater. The venue was extremely small and presented opportunity for an intimate experience with the audience.


Being in this music game, a lot of situations occur; some of which may effect you physically AND mentally. This show was one in which I used to tell my story through music that I had performed from the beginning of my career up into “Friction”. Because of this, we used pre recorded narrations to guide the audience throughout the story, while every song was sung live. This was also a show in which I gave the younger dancers of my team, the platform to showcase their talents with the music that I have created. Big shoutout to my little brothers Markiese Hall, Moe Hayslett, and my little protege Malachi Stewart!


The morning of this show, allergies began to take their place, when I woke up with absolutely NO VOICE, whatsoever. Because of that, I was forced to skip several interviews that day and remain on vocal rest. Because of the show being at night, I spent the entire day drinking water, tea, throat coat, and using throat sprays. This is just one of the things that vocalists have to consistently deal with, among other things. By that night, my full voice came back long enough to complete the show and make up a few interviews. In the end, this show was amazingly executed. Thanks to everyone involved for your willingness to trust my vision. By the way, the first tour is now complete and I am set to begin working on the album in a couple of weeks!


Photos by: Cooper Scobey
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