Wishing Carols Performance in Memphis TN!

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Vibers, what’s poppin!

Last night was an amazing night for the city of Memphis TN!

Last night, I was given the honor, along with many other artists in the city, to give back in a major way. Producer/Instrumentalist, Claude Hinds III, hosted an event entitled “Wishing Carols”. For the past seven years, I have been finding a way to land back in Memphis, in order to be a part of this event. For an event that was meant to be very intimate and small, this one turned into one that a lot of the city really wanted to be a part of. How could you not with artists such as Tres Hinds, Karen Brown, Jessica Ray, Stefani McCoy, Deanna Clark, Keia Johnson, Zephaniah, Leslie Adams, Butta MD, Cameron Bethany, and the list goes on.

From the moment I walked into the artist green room, to the moment I left the building, I felt nothing but genuine love. The vibe is what’s most important. There were no negative vibes in the building and if there were, they were weakened by the extremely high level of giving.

My favorite moment from that night is walking onto stage to the crowd going crazy, when I thought no one in the audience had a clue as to who I was. Yes, you know how hard you work, but any artist can tell you that you really do not know what to expect when walking onto a stage that is not just yours. However, I can say that the energy in that room and the pure love for music, was overwhelmingly effective. This is one of those shows that you KNOW will be bac kin some way, shape, or form. Much Love family!


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